John Marsland

Coffee by day, Sriracha by night

My favorite recipes, which I've gradually tweaked over the years. Some of them have been passed on by family; others are my attempts to replicate my favorite dishes from our travels. But all are delicious--especially the starred recipes



  • The Ramen Killer. I love Ramen. But this Thai soup is my new favorite Jun 2016

  • What Should I Study to be a Data Analyst?. Article which outlines five skills/technologies to learn to kickstart a data analyst career Aug 2018

  • Do New Father's Sleep? - How my sleep patterns changed after I started a new job and had twins Coming Late 2018

  • ...

  • itlyst - remember places you want to visit
    itlyst is an iOS / web app / chrome extension* that helps you take notes on places. Simply right click on a web page, save an image from yelp, or a text from a friend--and itlyst will organize all of your notes in one place. Authored with python/flask/angular/ionic. Jan 2017

  • 500 Days of Summer
    On our one year wedding annivesary, Joanne and I quit our jobs and traveled the world for 500 Days. She took a picture each day to remember our trip. Authored with python, flask, and several api integrations (instagram, foursquare, google maps). Jan 2017

  • vs Snap vs Insta Demographics
    Responsive dashboard which allows an end user to compare estimated country level demographics between Snapchat and Instagram. Authored with python/flask/chart.js Dec 2016

  • Sales by Geo
    Responsive dashboard which shows DMA-level penetration of devices within the US. Authored with python/flask/chart.js Jan 2017

  • Our Spanish Wedding
    Web destination for our wedding in spain. Authored primarily with wordpress. June 2014

* itlyst chrome extension and app currently not on the app store as of early 2018, but you can see the web app--with my favorite LA restaurants lysted--here.